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Meditation Through Dance

Did you know that busting a move could literally help calm you down?

My whole life has been about dance, I started when I was 3 years old and now many....many, many years later, I am still dancing, just not on a stage! For those of you who have a passion for dance, you will know what I mean when I say that a dancer isn't someone who dances, a dancer is at their very core a dancer. It is who they are, their identity. So with this in mind, I would refer to myself as a dancer.

Whether you are as passionate as I am about this subject or not, you too can grab hold of the benefits that dancing can offer you. This applies to literally any style or genre. The important part is that there is music that you enjoy, and that you are moving to the beat and allowing yourself to get lost in the moment.

Your immune system begins to strengthen...

Oprah was actually quoted as saying that 'Dancing is the new meditation' and there is an element of truth to this. As a yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher I would never stop my regular practice of traditional meditation as it is too important to my sanity, but I have definitely experienced that feeling of getting so lost in the movement and the music that any physical or emotional issue just becomes non-existent in that instant. Isn't that what meditation is? Getting lost in the feel good moment and not being in the reality of your current life. Where time no longer exists and you feel like you are floating, when you feel a warmth throughout your body and a sense of pure trust that all is good. When that happens, your stresses melt away, you can breathe a little deeper and slower, your muscles relax and the feeling of joy completely overwhelms you....sigh...just thinking about it takes me into a state of feeling light and carefree. The awesome thing is that when you experience this, other physical things begin to take place within the body that you don't necessarily notice straight away. Your immune system begins to strengthen, your automatic systems in the body (like cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, digestive etc.) all start working at a better level and overall you have an improved physical, emotional and mental state. This is because when we are in a state of stress, our body dives into a mode of 'flight or fight' which literally reduces the effective working of our systems so that all our energy can go to surviving. By letting the body and brain know that you are safe (which is what we do in meditation) it allows your energy to flow to all areas and systems within the body. The body is quite amazing but it wasn't designed for long term stresses which is so evident in modern day living. So if you find meditation difficult, perhaps this is a path you could explore.

How do we start?

It is simple to do...In the safety of your own home, with the people you love (or alone), put some music on, close your eyes if that feels natural, and let the music move your body. Maybe just sway to begin with, or tap your toes and click your fingers, but eventually allow yourself to completely let go. Get a little silly if you want to, laugh at yourself and most importantly 'let go' of the control you are trying to hold onto. The more you do it, the freer you will begin to feel and the more joy you will feel. Maybe it will just make you laugh, but that's great too!

You literally have nothing to lose by trying this. So give it a go and get a glimpse of why a dancer becomes addicted to being a dancer.

Sending much love and light energy as always.



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