Coronavirus Update

With all the uncertainty surrounding the current situation and the Coronavirus, classes at Bmore Fitness are moving to the web. This means that you can safely continue to attend classes with me in the comfort of your own home.Starting tomorrow (Monday, March 16th 2020) all Bmore Yoga classes will be online. Should you wish to attend any of these classes, please book directly with me via text or email and I will send the link to you via email.

Mondays 8.15am Yoga

Mondays 6pm Yoga

Thursdays 8.15am Yoga

Thursdays 6pm Yoga

Once you have booked the class by texting me, I will send you the link to use for the class via email.

As you may need a little time to get settled at home and logged into the system, please make sure to book your classes in good time to avoid any last minute issues. Missed classes or late joining will not result in a refund as the cancellation policy remains in place.

At the moment the Bmore Fitness Zumba classes are cancelled until further notice. However if there is sufficient interest in attending an online class, please get in touch with me and I will look to bring Zumba back onto the schedule. In the meantime please make use of my Zumba videos on YouTube (link at the bottom of this page).

In addition to this, if there is an interest for 30 minute Meditation classes please get in touch as I am able to add more classes at the moment.

ITT Aerospace classes are suspended until further notice. These classes will not be available on live stream, however as per above, if there is sufficient interest I will look at adding Zumba back to the schedule.

​Princess Cruises classes are currently still running this week however that may change the following week. Please keep an eye on communications directly from Princess regarding this. Depending on decisions made by corporate, I may add classes to the schedule, including Pilates & Circuit Training for anyone to join whether a Princess employee or not.​

Paseo Club,  LA Fitness & Oakmont of Valencia & Santa Clarita, these classes are still running as normal however please keep checking their websites for further updates as this could easily change in the coming days. If and when I get further updates, I will send out notifications via Instagram and Facebook.​

For those of you who are not aware, I have another company called Una-lign ( with my partner, Cindy. We are working on bringing Yoga and Meditation to you online on a weekly basis for a very minimal cost. As soon as I have more to share on this I will send out an email to all of my members and post on social media. In the meantime, please do sign up to our website as we send out information regularly on stress relief and ways of bring small changes to your life with mindfulness which keep you moving towards inner peace.

​For now, stay safe and healthy. Look after your immune system and try to stay as calm as possible. Remember unhealthy eating habits and stress lower the effect of your immune system so do everything possible to relax and take each day as it comes.​

Much love and light, Amanda

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