Coronavirus Impact: Update 3.16.20

Since my update yesterday, LA Fitness & Paseo Club have now confirmed that their doors will be closed. Therefore none of my classes will be taught face to face.

However I have a plan so that you can continue working out from home with me.

For the remainder of this week whilst I sort out filming and equipment that I need for live streaming, the following classes are the only ones that will be online. Please note that when you book a live streaming class, that the link will continue to work for a week and you will therefore be able to access the recording with no additional cost.

Mondays 8.15am Yoga

Mondays 6pm Yoga

Thursdays 8.15am Yoga

Thursdays 6pm Yoga

These classes all include a guided meditation at the end which is great for stress relief.

Please bare with me this week whilst I wait for my new mic to arrive so that the quality of sound is better.

There is a new schedule with all online classes that will start next week.

Click HERE to view it.

You will still need to book classes with me to get the link to the class and there is a payment which is all outlined in the link above or on the Class Schedule tab. Again these links will be available to you for one week to view and use as often as you desire.

You will see that there will be Zumba pre-recorded videos posted on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Unfortunately due to the rules of YouTube I am unable to live stream my Zumba classes. These classes will also be available to you for one week.

Please note that if you cannot make a live stream class or the pre-recorded class, that is ok, I can still send you the link to the video for you to use when it suits you. Having said that, the link will still expire one week after the class went live.

In addition to this I will be adding more short videos to my YouTube account once they are recorded. I will include chair Pilates and Stretching should you wish to check that out. Be sure to subscribe to my channel please - as soon as there are 1000 subscribers, I can begin to live stream the Zumba!!​

Much love and light, Amanda

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