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Jennifer S.

I have been taking Amanda’s live zoom classes since the beginning of the lockdown (March, 2020)  and they have been my lifeline.  Her classes are a source of happiness, a vehicle for consistent self care and a lovely mini community for those of us stuck at at home who wanted to continue to exercise in a safe way. 

Now that gyms are open, I continue to choose her live zoom classes because I can do so in the comfort of my own home, while my children are asleep. It is also so convenient and well priced. 

Amanda makes each and every student feel special. She is always professional, arriving early and ending class on time. It is easy to register online and her pricing structure is more than fair. Her personality shines through the screen and she keeps her classes lively and engaging.  

My favorite classes are her high energy, sassy Zumba classes, that are full of life and upbeat music and her calming Yoga classes. Her savasanah meditations are particularly wonderful because her friendly voice and her gorgeous South African accent lull one into a deep state of relaxation.  

Thank you, Amanda for keeping me committed and healthy at home! 

- California, USA


Vasanthi Pilapitiya

I have been doing yoga with Amanda for almost three years now.  I feel so happy I made the commitment to make yoga part of my life.  Amanda is a wonderful instructor and is very dedicated in her teaching.  I feel at peace and more relaxed after a yoga session with her.  Doing yoga with Amanda has helped me not only to maintain physical fitness but also it has brought such calmness to my life.

- California, USA


Cindy Barnes

Amanda is hands down the best yoga instructor I've ever had! I truly believe she has found her true calling in life. She carries with her an overwhelming sense of compassion for all of her clients. She's pure grace on and off of the mat and leaves us all (regardless of platform) feeling uplifted, calm and at peace. 

She offers opportunities for self-challenge without pressure as well as the perfect amount mindfulness to every single practice.  Her classes are great for even the most timid beginner- trust me I used to be this person! 

I had the pleasure of taking in-person classes with Amanda before she went 100% virtual. Due to work and a long distance move I now subscribe to Amanda's on-demand classes. I love that I still get to work out with her even though we are thousands of miles apart physically. Emotionally, I always feel her positive energy and sincere passion for her craft fill whatever room I'm working out in.

I am beyond excited to try some of Amanda's other on-demand classes as well as I know she puts her WHOLE HEART into every class she offers! I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone interested in self-care (physically, emotionally and mentally)... She covers them all!

- Pennsylvania, USA


Barbie S.

I have been working out virtually with Amanda since the start of Covid. Sheis a fabulous teacher. Her instructions and demonstrations are so easy to follow. 

Amanda gives different levels of instruction for each exercise to enable anyone and everyone to achieve the best out of every routine. 

She explains what each exercise does for the body. She corrects you when your body position is not what it should be. She is an amazing lady whom is always approachable, smiling, incredibly knowledgeable, hugely humble and just a very nice person. She treats everyone with love and great respect. It is very obvious that she loves what she does. She gives her all with every class. I love this ‘me’ time with Amanda. By the end of class I always feel exhausted but exhilarated. 

- Hertfordshire, England

Vicky Gillibrand

Vicky Gillibrand.jpeg

Vicky Gillibrand

I have been taking Amanda’s online yoga, dance, and body works classes for over a year and highly recommend them. Classes are not boring or repetitive as she will introduce new yoga poses, dance moves and challenging exercises. Amanda’s uplifting and fun personality have been a real plus during the pandemic.  Join her classes and you will feel good about yourself and make a few new friends.

Thanks Amanda for all you do…

- California, USA


Katherine B.

Amanda is a patient and kind yoga instructor. She will help you modify any move that doesn’t feel good for your body. She is willing to push you to be the best at your practice and meet you where you are. She is super knowledgeable. I have enjoyed her company 2 times a week for several years. I can’t wait to continue my practice with her. 

- California, USA


Lucia Beatriz Cone

Amanda, you are a fantastic teacher! I have been more strong, flexible and happy with the exercises you teach. Of course I know I have to get better but it will be little by little because of some issues that I have most with balance.

- California, USA


Kathy C.

Amanda, I love your classes. Every class, you bring it! Your knowledge, energy, and creativity keep it motivating and fun. 

- Oregan, USA

Image by Joshua Earle


Amanda is a talented dancer and instructor! Her way of teaching is clear, consistent and very enjoyable! Even on busy days, I look forward to joining her Zumba classes, because they make me feel happy and are so much fun!

- Switzerland

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Emilee T.

I have been going to Amanda's classes since 2016! First at LA Fitness, then by following her on YouTube and now virtually via her newly upgraded website and on demand service.

Amanda is positive and upbeat, her Zumba classes are super fun and her other workouts are inclusive whether you are a newbie or an expert! I recommend doing her free 1-week trial to get a feel for it. It had me HOOKED!

- California

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Christi M.

I love Amanda's classes! I take her pilates and yoga and always leave feeling great. She has a relaxed and motivating energy and offers helpful, insightful guidance for proper movement and positions with modifications to challenge you at any level. Thank you, Amanda, for your awesome energy and helping me stay in shape even virtually!

- California

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Sasha M.

I have been taking Amanda's classes for a few years now and have tried her Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and Circuit Training classes. Love all of her classes! She can teach anything. She is really great about explaining the movements and how to do them properly. The pace of her classes are easy to follow, yet will still give you the workout you need. She also does a great job changing up the workouts and introducing new exercises which keeps her classes fun and fresh.

- California

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