Mindfulness Challenge: Day 10

Headphones and sheet music

Welcome to Day 10 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Today’s Mindful Message is to listen to music

Give your ears some pleasure today! Change your alarm chime and ring tone to something enjoyable. Listen to that playlist that perks you up if you need a quick energy boost and if the urge to start dancing and singing loudly overwhelms you, then just do it! It will make you feel alive and joyful (even if the people around you think you've gone a bit mad). Perhaps you'll be in the mood for something more relaxing and easy sounding today. Whatever mood you may be in, throw on some tunes and enjoy the rhythms, letting them flow through you.

Music is a wonderful tool for stress relief. It has been proven that when you listen to music the brain produces more dopamine and your blood flows more easily. So instead of switching the TV on, why not consider putting on some music that makes you feel great! When in the car, put your playlist on instead of the radio and rather than reading emails in bed before going to sleep, put your headphones on and listen to some soothing notes to help drift you off to sleep.

Today’s technology has provided us with the gift of listening to pretty much any kind of music we could ever imagine listening to just by the touch of our fingertips. So experiment with what music brings harmony to you. Or perhaps try something a little different like sound tracks to nature. These can be really relaxing as you listen to the sounds of waves or a waterfall, the sounds of birds or leaves rustling in the breeze. These are also great for meditation.