Mindfulness Challenge: Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Today’s Mindful Message is to Walk Mindfully

Have you ever noticed a child standing barefoot in mud? It brings so much joy to them as they experience those sensations of mud squishing between their toes and around their feet. Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face. This is something that we lose as we move into our stress filled lives, rushing from one thing to the next; so today's challenge is about bringing it back.

Mindful walking can be more effective than physical activity alone in reducing stress. It can improve your mood, lessen fatigue, strengthen your willpower and allow you the opportunity to connect with your body.

So kick off your shoes and allow yourself the pleasure of feeling the textures and temperature beneath your feet. This is especially wonderful when walking barefoot in soft, lush grass or on a sandy beach after a hot day.

Pay attention as you walk, to see if by chance you notice something beautiful that you've never noticed before. Take time to feel the breeze on your skin and through your hair. Breathe deeply and allow the fresh air to fill your lungs whilst taking in the aromas. Listen to the sounds around you that go unnoticed most of the time and then watch as the light around you effects the landscape. As you move from place to place today, try your best to put everything aside and simply focus on embracing a wonderful and refreshing moment.

Lastly bring your attention inward; noticing changes in your thoughts, emotions and mindset.

Field Walk