Mindfulness Challenge: Day 21

Welcome to Day 21 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Today’s Mindful Message is Weed Your Garden!

On this last day, we encourage you to weed your garden! In other words, start removing thoughts, emotions, language, people and activities that no longer serve you. You will know what these things are just by asking yourself if it brings you joy, fills your heart and mind with happiness and leaves you feeling energized... or the opposite.

The moment you begin clearing out the weeds, the more mental space you free up for more positive thoughts to grow; Your garden will be free of chaos and clutter and become beautiful and inviting once again.

This is probably one of the harder challenges to undertake as it takes time to work through and be aware of what is draining you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. However when you start this exercise and you begin to feel the shift in how it makes you feel each and every day, it really becomes easier and you will see the worth in it.

To get started...

* Remove gossip from your world

* Accept compliments gracefully

* If you hate running, stop! Find the activity that excites you

* Reduce the time spent or stop seeing completely the person who drains you & brings you down

* Be aware of your language - your mind believes what you tell it so feed it with positive thoughts

Congratulations for making it through this 21 day challenge! We are so proud of you for sticking with it. We hope that you've been able to incorporate some of these mindfulness techniques into your daily routine and that you will continue to do so moving forward.

Working in the Garden