Mindfulness Challenge: Day 3

Holding Hands

Welcome to Day 3 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Today’s Mindful Message is to be generous and kind.

Remember to be generous with your kindness and your compliments towards others as well as yourself. Challenge yourself to find a positive and kind thought about each person you interact with throughout your day or week.

When you have the opportunity, share a positive thought or two with someone so they can feel your generosity. It always feels good to give. Studies show that giving lowers stress levels, blood pressure and depression. It also helps you live longer and improves self-esteem!

Help someone who is in need. Lend them your ear or hand when you can. If you’re in a rush perhaps a quick smile or wave might be just what they needed to fill them up and keep them going. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself too. Remember that you are worthy of your own generosity and kindness as well!