Mindfulness Challenge: Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

Today’s Mindful Message is to Stretch.

Remember when you wake in the morning to take a minute or two to stretch out your full body.

Taking time to stretch will not only help prevent injury, but will also improve your flexibility and posture.

During the day be sure to take breaks and stand up and stretch. Stretching is another stress reducer exercise that you can use to calm your mind and release tension in tight muscles. It’s also wonderful for a quick energy boost. If you think you might need a reminder throughout the day, be sure to set a timer for every hour or so.

Stretching ideas:

NECK: Bring your ear to your shoulder and draw a half circle with your chin onto your chest and over to the other side - do not roll your neck to the back in order to protect your vertebrae.

SHOULDERS: Rolls your shoulders forward, up, back and down several times.

HIPS: Standing, push your hips to the right then the left. When that feels good, begin circles, bringing your hips to the right, front, left and back. Remember to reverse the circle as well.

FULL BODY: Reach your arms up over head as high as you can taking a deep breath in, arch your back and push your chest out. Open your arms wide and float them all the way down to your sides.